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  • make fan power "button" for user subpages (but take off user infobox button)
  • Arthur and Angela's marriage date
  • GN video links
  • Add "Do not add more than 8 images to this gallery" notes on power pages
  • Statistics images for September and October
  • Make sure everybody who needs has a sortname
  • Help:Uploading
  • Fix Template:Webisode formatting (see here)

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  • Dania Ramirez, 08/09, Carson Daly
  • Ali Larter, 09/19, Leno
  • Masi Oka, 09/21, Ellen DeGeneres
  • Hayden Panettiere, 09/24, Today Show
  • Hayden Panettiere, 09/25, Showbiz Tonight
  • Cristine Rose, 10/10, Filmnut
  • Zachary Quinto, 10/12, TV Watercooler (MySpace)
  • Greg Grunberg, 10/19, Leno
  • Greg Grunberg, 10/26, Ellen
  • Kristen Bell, 10/29, Today Show
  • Zachary Quinto, 10/29, The View
  • Kristen Bell, 11/2, Letterman
  • Zachary Quinto, 11/2 or 11/3, Kimmel
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