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Portrayed by Richard Kiel
In-story stats
Known ability Mental manipulation
Formal name Unknown
Nicknames The Smiling Man, Tooths
Date of death 2001
Home New York
Residence Grayson Estates
Occupation Assassin working for Quantum

Smiling Man is an evolved human with the power of Mental manipulation.

Character History

Little is known about this man. He worked for Cole Grayson until Cole died, continuing to work for Jack Miller when he took over the mob. When Miller returned to work for Quantum, Mouth followed him. He now is an assassin for Quantum.

His metal jaws are because of a horrific accident caused during a shootout. His mouth was badly injured by a gun shot. Because of this he rarely speaks as it is very difficult.

So far Metal Mouth has only done two hits for Quantum, both of which were just minor attacks. Metal Mouth prefers to be a spy, keeping his eyes open for those that wish to do evil to the world. He mainly scopes for Jack Miller.

Evolved Human Abilities

Smiling Man has shown that he can erase all of the memories of an individual life. He also can block powers (which has come in handy several times). While he usually refrains from forcibly erasing memories, he has done it on several occasions.


  • Metal Mouth is left handed.


  • Metal Mouth is based on the James Bond character of Jaws