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checklist for Nowhere Man, Part 4

Checklist for Slow Burn, Part 1

checklist for Slow Burn, Part 2

New webisode checklist

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Webisode Updates

Webisode article:
_X_ Webisode screencap
_X_ Monologue
_X_ Summary
_X_ Story Development
_X_ Synopsis
___ Quotes

Update/add other articles:
_X_ Webisode redirect: Slow Burn, Part 1
_X_ Check that links from previous webisode work
_X_ Check that previous webisode's navbar links to this webisode
_X_ Update CurrentWebisode
_X_ Update Portal:Webisodes
_X_ Update Template:Webisodes
_X_ Update Template:Ep
___ New interviews and videos
_X_ Update director, writer, etc. pages
_X_ Add Category:Images from Slow Burn, Part 1
_X_ Update template:imagenav
___ Update template:image-screenshot

Update Main Page:
_X_ Template:aotw-web
_X_ Next on Heroes
_X_ Template:Index

N/A Update songs
___ Archive Spoiler:Slow Burn, Part 1 (change "released=")

Character Updates

Update Main Character pages as appropriate
N/A (list characters who appear here)

Update Group pages as appropriate
N/A (list groups who appear here)

Update character-related pages
_X_ Appearances
N/A Connections

Character/Reference/Powers Updates

Update other character pages as needed
N/A Update Portal:Minor Characters as appropriate
N/A (list characters who appear here)

_X_ Update Portal:Webisodes Characters as appropriate
N/A (list characters who appear here)
_X_ Amanda Strazzulla (mentioned)
_X_ Carol Strazzulla (mentioned)

Add new character/group pages as needed:
_X_ Caleb
_X_ Samuel Sullivan
_X_ Edgar
_X_ Lydia

_X_ Update Portal:Guest Cast as appropriate
N/A (list actors who appear here)

Add new actor pages as needed:
_X_ Dusty Sorg
_X_ Robert Knepper
_X_ Ray Park
_X_ Dawn Olivieri

"Despoil" new characters and actors who already have articles:
Be sure to add appropriate non-spoiler categories!
N/A (list characters and actors that need to be "despoiled")
N/A despoil spoiler images, update source, etc.

Add references to appropriate recurring themes:
___ Secrets and deception
___ Child vs. parent
___ Loyalty vs. treachery

Add examples of Powers used:
Note: if an "examples" page exists, that's where examples should be added.
___ Empathy

Miscellaneous Updates

_X_ Lydia's tattoos
N/A (list new articles here)
N/A Update Portals as needed

World Locations
N/A (list locations to update here)
N/A (list new locations here)
N/A Update Portal:World Locations

_X_ Sullivan Bros. Carnival
N/A (list new places here)
N/A Update Portal:Places

___ Update timeline

Update templates as needed
_X_ Template: Webisode
___ Template: Webisodecast
___ Template: Webisodecrew

New Images

Get screencaps:
N/A Webisode title (650x365)
_X_ Webisode lead image (300x169)

New characters (200x250):
_X_ Caleb
_X_ Samuel Sullivan
_X_ Edgar
_X_ Lydia

New groups (450x350)
N/A (list new groups)

New Events/Items/Things/etc. (450x350)
N/A (list new articles)

New locations (450x350)
N/A (list new articles)

New places (450x350)
N/A (list new articles)

All powers used (450x350)
___ Empathy