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Yamagato Industries

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Yamagato Industries
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Purpose: Business
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Yamagato Industries (山形 Yamagato) is the company that Hiro and Ando work for as programmers in Tokyo, Japan.

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors



Hiro first discovers his powers in his cubicle and rushes to tell Ando, excitedly running about the cubicles. He is scolded by his boss.

Don't Look Back

After teleporting to an future New York, Hiro phones Yamagato to talk to his friend Ando, still in the present.

Graphic Novel:The Crane

Hiro, wanting to live up to his grandfather's legacy, throws away his Yamagato ID badge.

One Giant Leap

At the office, Hiro tries to convince Ando of his powers and shows him the comic from the future. They decide to leave their jobs and begin their mission.

Nothing to Hide

In Charles Deveaux's apartment, Peter reads the New York Telegraph, which reports that Yamagato's stock is down to 215 and an eighth.

Six Months Ago

Hiro tries to call Ando at work, and instead encounters himself from six months ago. Later, Hiro accidentally teleports to the current-day roof of Yamagato where another employee asks why he's returned from America early.


Hiro's sister tells Hiro that Yamagato is financially failing. Hiro devises a way to help his father realize that Kimiko is capable of taking over the business.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Hiro returns Ando to Yamagato after rescuing him from Sylar and gives him Kensei's sword as a promise that he will return.

Graphic Novel:Heroism Is Found in the Heart, Part 1

After Hiro drops Ando off at Yamagato, Ando is assigned a new position. He works late, waiting for Kimiko, and walks her home. Outside the office building, they are confronted by a group of sword-bearing bikers.

Graphic Novel:Heroism Is Found in the Heart, Part 2

Outside Yamagato, Ando helps Kimiko to dismount one of the bikers. Kimiko and Ando mount the freed motorcycle and head off into the streets of Tokyo, but the bikers give chase.


Ando plays a video game in his office, but is interrupted by his boss. His boss mentions that being friends with the CEO does not mean he can play games at work, and Ando apologizes. Ando opens a file and finds Hiro's sword. Examining the sword, he finds text at the bottom of the sword reading "Ando, open". In it, he finds several scrolls. Hiro tells him that he's in 1671, where he met Takezo Kensei. Hiro tells him he must stay to make Kensei the man they know. He mentions that Kensei has a great power.

Out of Time

Ando is working at his desk when Hiro appears. Hiro learns they stopped the explosion and tells Ando he wishes to see his father. Ando tells Hiro that his father has been murdered.

Truth & Consequences

Hiro and Ando look at a photo of twelve people. He says he needs to find Kensei to get revenge. Ando is skeptical, but Hiro tells him that he saw Kensei on the Deveaux rooftop, just before he pushed Kaito to his death. He asks how Kensei could live for over four hundred years, and Hiro tells him that Kensei could heal from any wound and that perhaps he has also survived time. Hiro realizes that he must have left a trail.

Hiro finds a picture of a young Victoria, Kensei and Kaito. He looks on the back to see that Kensei is going by the name Adam Monroe. Recognizing that name, Ando pulls out a packet with Adam's name on it. Inside they find a paper dated November 2, 1977, which is an order to lock away Adam, signed by Hiro's father, Kaito. Before Ando can convince him otherwise, Hiro teleports himself to that day.

Hiro returns from 1977 and retrieves his sword from Ando, determined to avenge his father's murder. He says that he must go to Odessa, Texas and teleports away.


Ando walks back into his cubicle to find Hiro already there. He asks about Adam, and Hiro replies by saying that Adam will no longer harm anybody.

Graphic Novel:Past Experience

Kimiko remembers a conversation she had with her father: he was interested in the past and a depiction of Takezo Kensei, while she was more concerned with the future and the problems Yamagato was facing. Later, after Kaito's death, Kimiko is made the CEO of the company and the President of Yamagato Fellowship. In her office, she mediates a petty argument between Jiro and Taro by remembering what Kensei did to Oni's sword.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 1

Rosetti recalls being stationed under Yamagato, keeping tabs on Hiro.

Graphic Novel:Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 2

Daphne Millbrook enters Yoji Hayata's office at Yamagato. After a brief encounter with his men, Daphne acquires the information she needs from Hayata and quickly flees Yoji's office to regroup, racing through the building to the roof, then leaping to the next building.

The Second Coming

Now CEO of Yamagato, Hiro opens a recording of his father, informing him of a secret formula and to keep it safe. As soon as he finds the formula, a speedster rushes in and steals it. Despite Hiro's best efforts to stop time and stop the thief, she gets away. To decide whether or not to go after the formula, Hiro time travels from Yamagato to the future.

The Butterfly Effect

Hiro hires a detective to find out who stole the formula. When he learns her name is Daphne Millbrook, he takes Ando along with him and teleports to Daphne's apartment in Paris.


Hiro and Ando sit in an office, talking about their new business. Kimiko comes in and yells at them for spending ¥50 million on it, and blames Ando for the idea. She leaves, and Ando tells Hiro she has hated him ever since he accidentally spilled a Slushy on her at a carnival. The phone rings and Hiro answers it.

After helping their first client, Ando wheels Hiro back to the office on a cart, because he has become frozen in time due to his malfunctioning ability. He snaps Hiro out of it, and Hiro admits to him that he has a brain tumor, and that it is inoperable. Ando suggest he goes back in time to fix it, but Hiro refuses. He looks a photograph of when he, Ando, and Kimiko went to the carnival, and remembers a fortune teller who told him he would become a hero, and that is what started him on his path. Ando says if he goes back, he can stop himself from receiving that fortune, and he might save himself. Hiro refuses again, but teleports against his will into the past.

Jump, Push, Fall

Kimiko asks Ando where Hiro is, and he tells her the truth, but she doesn't believe him.

After changing the past, Hiro returns to the office and asks Ando if anything has changed, but Ando says nothing has. Hiro then sees Ando and Kimiko kiss, and realizes it worked. He tries to convince Ando that he changed the past so that Ando and Kimiko were always together, and he says he now realizes he can change the past in small ways in order to make up for his mistakes.


Ando and Kimiko tell Hiro they are getting married. Ando wonders if Hiro will be alive for the wedding, and says he should tell Kimkio the truth. They receive a call on the Dial a Hero line, and Hiro answers. A Yamagato employee named Tadashi tells him he is about to jump of the roof. Hiro rushes up to stop him but fails. He attempts 46 more times to stop him, and finally succeeds on his 47th try. He then goes downstairs and admits to Kimiko he is dying, but then clutches his head and teleports away, leaving Kimiko staring at Ando in disbelief.

Tabula Rasa

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Upon This Rock

The police bring Hiro to Ando at Yamagato. He tells them that Hiro is not crazy, but has a brain tumor. Ando attempts to make sense of what Hiro is saying, and Kimiko insists that they take him to a neurosurgeon. When Hiro mentions the danger room, Ando says that is the room where he keeps him comic books. In his storage room, Ando manages to decipher that Hiro is talking about a insane asylum in Florida. Hiro thanks him, and Ando admits that he is just the sidekick.

Graphic Novel:The Trip, Part 2

Hiro sees an advertisement for Yamagato and says that the company is now making more money than it has in years. Inspired, he teleports to Tokyo.

Brave New World

Ando tells Hiro that he woke him up from the best dream. It was of him, Hiro, and Kimiko back to work at Yamagato when life was simple. Ando tells Hiro that life can still be simple like that.



  • The clock in Hiro's cubicle consists of kanji, Chinese characters, that represent the text "One", "Two", etc. instead of the numerical values "1", "2", etc. Modern clocks in Japan typically show the latter.
  • Hiro is a programmer with a level 3 security clearance. His ID number is 651283461132, and he is referred to as "a lowly office drone". (The Crane)
  • Part of the Heroes Evolutions experience, is the real-life website for Yamagato Industries which is headed by Kaito Nakamura.
  • After returning from America, Ando has placed an American flag on his desk. (Kindred)
  • The kanji for "Yamagato" (山形) translates approximately to "mountain shape" or "shape of mountain".
  • According to Pinehearst's file on Kaito, Yamagato's address is 100 Yamagato Industries Way. Tadashi and Hiro also say that Yamagato's address is 614 Kaminaka Street (Acceptance). Ultimately, it is unknown how many buildings/offices Yamagato Industries owns.
  • According to the episode commentary for The Second Coming, scenes that took place in Hiro's office were filmed on the 51st floor of the Arco building.
  • According to Heroes Interactive, scenes from Acceptance that took place on the roof of Yamagato were shot on the roof of the Sunset Gower Studios parking garage.


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