Yamagato Industries

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Yamagato Industries
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Purpose: Business
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Yamagato Industries (山形 Yamagato) is the company that Hiro and Ando work for as programmers in Tokyo, Japan.

At some point after Claire Bennet outed herself as an evo, Renautas bought Yamagato.

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Season One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Yamagato Industries: Season One History.

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Season Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Yamagato Industries: Season Two History.

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The Second Coming

Now CEO of Yamagato, Hiro opens a recording of his father, informing him of a secret formula and to keep it safe. As soon as he finds the formula, a speedster rushes in and steals it. Despite Hiro's best efforts to stop time and stop the thief, she gets away. To decide whether or not to go after the formula, Hiro time travels from Yamagato to the future.

The Butterfly Effect

Hiro hires a detective to find out who stole the formula. When he learns her name is Daphne Millbrook, he takes Ando along with him and teleports to Daphne's apartment in Paris.

Season Four

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Yamagato Industries: Season Four History.

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Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

The Yamagato logo is included on the board that Quentin Frady creates.

Brave New World

The Yamagato Tower looms over Miko Otomo's apartment. A virtual representation of the tower also exists in the Evernow video game when Miko Otomo enters it.


Miko Otomo discovers that her father, Hachiro Otomo is being taken to the virtual Yamagato Tower within the Evernow video game, and, with the help of Ren Shimosawa, she fights through bandits in an attempt to get to the tower. She finally meets with her father within the game, but he is taken by an unknown force and brought directly to the tower itself. Soon after, Miko is knocked out by bandits in the game and wakes up in the real world. She discusses her plan to rescue her father with Ren, saying that she needs to go to the Yamagato Tower in order to rescue her father. Ren jokingly suggests taking a taxi to the tower, but Miko says she needs to go to the tower within Evernow. Using her father's sword, she travels back into the video game and successfully infiltrates the virtual tower. As she is about to be ambushed by bandits, Miko exits the video game to find herself inside the real Yamagato Tower. She instantly trips an alarm and is surrounded by security guards. As they prepare to attack her, one guard attempts to take Miko's sword. She kicks the guard in retaliation and a fight ensues in the lobby of Yamagato Industries.



  • The clock in Hiro's cubicle consists of kanji, Chinese characters, that represent the text "One", "Two", etc. instead of the numerical values "1", "2", etc. Modern clocks in Japan typically show the latter.
  • Hiro is a programmer with a level 3 security clearance. His ID number is 651283461132, and he is referred to as "a lowly office drone". (The Crane)
  • Part of the Heroes Evolutions experience, yamagatofellowship.org is the real-life website for Yamagato Industries which is headed by Kaito Nakamura.
  • After returning from America, Ando has placed an American flag on his desk. (Kindred)
  • The kanji for "Yamagato" (山形) translates approximately to "mountain shape" or "shape of mountain".
  • According to Pinehearst's file on Kaito, Yamagato's address is 100 Yamagato Industries Way. Tadashi and Hiro also say that Yamagato's address is 614 Kaminaka Street (Acceptance). Ultimately, it is unknown how many buildings/offices Yamagato Industries owns.
  • According to the episode commentary for The Second Coming, scenes that took place in Hiro's office were filmed on the 51st floor of the Arco building.
  • According to Heroes Interactive, scenes from Acceptance that took place on the roof of Yamagato were shot on the roof of the Sunset Gower Studios parking garage.
  • According to Saving Charlie, Hiro and Ando's cubicles are on the 16th floor of Yamagato. (Chapter 3)


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