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Create Your Hero
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First mentioned: November 12, 2007

Create Your Hero is an fan-based, interactive promotion on which calls upon Heroes fans to vote on various physical and personality attributes for the creation of a new hero. The new hero will "come to life" in an original, live-action series which will run exclusively on The promotion is presented by Sprint.

Heroes Evolutions

Voting on Characteristics

From November 12 to December 17, 2007, fans were given weekly choices of attributes. They were able to vote on such characteristics as the new hero's place of birth, appearance, body type, economic status, power type, etc. Each week, three attributes were voted on for a male and female hero by either visiting or by cell phone using an enabled Sprint handset, and an additional attribute was voted on for a male and female hero only by Sprint mobile users.

Week 1 Results

November 12, 2007

Male Hero
Birth Place:
  • The Americas (43%)
  • Europe (34.4%)
  • Asia (12.3%)
  • Africa (10.3%)


  • Rugged (33.2%)
  • Blends in (26.5%)
  • Gorgeous (20.7%)
  • Exotic (19.7%)

Body Type:

  • Large (41.7%)
  • Medium (37.2%)
  • Extra Large (14.9%)
  • Small (6.2%)
Female Hero
Birth Place:
  • Europe (39.5%)
  • The Americas (27.4%)
  • Asia (22.5%)
  • Africa (10.6%)


  • Exotic (39.5%)
  • Gorgeous (31.8%)
  • Blends in (14.5%)
  • Rugged (14.2%)

Body Type:

  • Medium (57.4%)
  • Large (17.5%)
  • Small (17.4%)
  • Extra Large (7.6%)
Current Locale (Male):
  • The Americas (52.1%)
  • Europe (19.4%)
  • Africa (17.7%)
  • Asia (10.8%)

Current Locale (Female):

  • The Americas (47%)
  • Europe (23.3%)
  • Africa (15.5%)
  • Asia (14.2%)

Week 2 Results

November 19, 2007

Male Hero
  • 18-25 (29.5%)
  • 14-18 (28.7%)
  • 40+ (24.1%)
  • 25-40 (17.8%)

Area Raised:

  • Suburbs (43.4%)
  • Rural (27.4%)
  • Big City (16.1%)
  • Nomadic (13%)


  • Poor (48.9%)
  • Middleclass (23.7%)
  • Hippie (21.7%)
  • Wealthy (5.7%)
Female Hero
  • 14-18 (30.7%)
  • 18-25 (29%)
  • 25-40 (20.3%)
  • 40+ (20%)

Area Raised:

  • Suburbs (39.7%)
  • Big City (23.2%)
  • Rural (19.6%)
  • Nomadic (17.6%)


  • Poor (48.6%)
  • Hippie (25.1%)
  • Middleclass (21.3%)
  • Wealthy (4.9%)
Tramatic Event (Male):
  • Lost Someone (34.5%)
  • War (32.3%)
  • Disaster (21.9%)
  • Bagged (11.4%)

Tramatic Event (Female):

  • Lost Someone (38.8%)
  • War (25.4%)
  • Disaster (23.4%)
  • Bagged (12.3%)

Week 3

November 26, 2007

Intelligence Level:

  • Street Smart
  • Book Smart
  • Genius
  • Not So Sharp

High School Label:

  • Prom King/Queen
  • Teachers Pet
  • Class Clown
  • No One Ever Noticed


  • White Collar
  • Blue Collar
  • Still in School
  • Un-employed

Hair Color:

  • Brunette/Black
  • Blonde
  • Red
  • Not Found in Nature

Week 4

December 3, 2007


  • Superior Physical Speed
  • Effects Speed of People
  • Superior Mental Speed
  • Effects Speed of Objects

Reaction to Ability:

  • Hide It
  • Show It Off
  • Exact Revenge
  • Save the World


  • Good
  • Ambiguous-Leaning Good
  • Ambiguous-Leaning Evil
  • Evil

Happiest Life Event:

  • Still waiting for it
  • Saved a life
  • Fell in love
  • Won a big award

Voting on Characters

Beginning February 4, 2008, fans were able to vote (online or via Sprint cell phones) between two heroes which were a culmination of fan-selected attributes.



Santiago is twenty three. He is an only child, and lives with his mother in a poor part of Lima. He works as an auto mechanic, but has a burning desire to go out in the world and accomplish something that will make his mother truly proud.

Santiago lost his father years ago to the Peruvian civil war. He carries that loss in his heart, but has found solace in the teachings of the Catholic church. Santiago attends mass every Sunday, in a local cathedral which was built by the Spanish Conquistadors more than four hundred years ago.

It was one Sunday after mass when Santiago first discovered his powers. He was playing soccer with his friends in a dusty lot, when he suddenly realized that he was faster--much faster--than his opponents. In fact he was so fast, that he had to hide his ability in order not to attract too much attention.

Santiago loves being fast--he uses his power to become the star of his soccer team--but he believes that his abilities are a gift from God, and feels strongly that they should only be used for good.



Audrey is eighteen. She lives with her mother and younger sister in Paris, in an apartment above the family's bakery. Audrey's father is out of the picture, and Audrey's mother has fallen sick, so Audrey has been forced to take responsibility for the family business, despite the fact that she is still in school.

It is while working behind the counter at the bakery that Audrey discovers her power--the power to affect the speed of other people. Audrey can speed people up, or slow them down to a crawl.

Suddenly everything is possible. Audrey can easily help her sick mother, finish her homework on time, and hang out with her friends--practically all at the same time.

However, Audrey begins to succumb to the temptation of using her powers for darker purposes. She starts by doing nothing more than speeding up her math class to get out early, but then, before she knows it, she is slowing down everyone in the bakery so that she can steal money from the cash register.

As Audrey's understanding of her powers grows, she resolves to use them for the greater good, but sometimes her means of getting to that good are morally questionable.

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