Emily Duval

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Emily Duval
Emily poster.jpg
Portrayed by Gatlin Green
First appearance Brave New World
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Carbondale, IL
Residences Home in Carbondale, IL
Occupations Student,
Ice cream scooper
Significant others Tommy Clark,
formerly Brad

Emily Duval is a classmate of Tommy Clark's at Pinehearst High School, keeping his secret and later becoming his girlfriend.

Character History

Brave New World

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Under the Mask

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The Needs of the Many

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The Lion's Den

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Game Over

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Sundae, Bloody Sundae

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Send in the Clones

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Company Woman

After Micah's broadcast, Emily approaches Tommy about how he can't trust Erica Kravid after what was just revealed. However, Tommy sees Erica's plan as the only way to save the world and is determined to follow through with it. Emily is kept from following him further into the facility by guards and is left worried.

Later, Ren Shimosawa finds Emily crying on a bench and asks her what's wrong. Emily tells him that she's afraid her friend is about to make a terrible mistake and Ren tells her he's on a quest to "find the Master of Time and Space." Cheering up a bit, Emily tells Ren "dude, I'm dating him." The two decide to find Tommy and try to keep him from making a mistake.

Making their way through Gateway, Ren recognizes part of it as being similar to Evernow. He tells a confused Emily that Hachiro Otomo must've designed both and leads her to an elevator he thinks will take them to the core of the facility where they can find Tommy. The two enter the elevator, but are unable to access it. Ren realizes that an indent in a knob is similar to a necklace a construct of Hachiro Otomo had given him and tries it in the elevator. To their relief, the elevator then takes them down to the core where they find Hachiro and watch in horror as he uploads Tommy into the Eternal Fortress before being sedated.

Project Reborn

After Hachiro is taken away, Emily asks Ren where Tommy is. Ren realizes that Tommy has been trapped in Evernow and the two watch as Erica Kravid broadcasts a video to the residents of Gateway about the coming disaster before using the space-time bridge to transport everyone with a watch, including Emily and Ren, forward in time to Gateway in 9972. Ren and Emily emerge from the underground facility with the rest of the Gateway residents and look out upon the future.

Ren and Emily return to the underground area in hopes of finding Miko Otomo, the only person who can enter Evernow and save Tommy. Seeing two men emerge from a room with a stretcher, Emily realizes that its where Hachiro was taken and enters the room with Ren to find many evos trapped in stasis pods, including Hachiro. Noticing a slot in the control panel that matches Ren's key, Emily points it out to him and when Ren inserts the key, the pods deactivate and start to awaken those trapped inside. Emily and Ren free Hachiro then locate the real Miko Otomo. Mistaking her for the Miko construct, Emily and Ren are unable to understand why she can't recognize Ren. As the two try to figure it out, the pods suddenly reactivate and Richard Schwenkman holds them at gunpoint, calling into a radio he has found the intruders and reactivated the pods. However, Hachiro kills him from behind to keep Richard from using anymore of his creations for evil. Emily watches as Hachiro and his daughter finally reunite and reminds him that Hachiro has trapped Tommy in Evernow. Hachiro tells them that to rescue Tommy, Ren must enter the game and save him. After Ren agrees, Hachiro transports him into Evernow, leaving Emily alone with Miko and Hachiro.

After Ren rescues Tommy, the two emerge from the game to find Emily held hostage by Erica and her men alongside Hachiro, Miko and Tommy's mother. Erica tells Tommy that if he changes time to stop the H.E.L.E., the future they are in will be erased from existence and everyone in it, including Emily, Anne and thousands of innocent people. Erica tells Tommy he has to choose a world and holds a gun to Emily's head to force him to choose. However, Tommy figures out how to split himself in two so he can be in two places at once and do both. Erica moves the gun from Emily to fire at Tommy, but Tommy freezes time before the bullet can kill him and splits himself in two with one Tommy going back to change the H.E.L.E. The second Tommy moves around the room, transporting all but Erica back to the present. When Tommy reaches Emily, he sends her back with a kiss rather than touching her with his hand as he usually does.

Three months after the H.E.L.E. is averted, Emily continues to work at Moe's Ice Cream Parlor with Tommy and continues to date him. Tommy makes her an origami crane and the two are confused when they find that a customer left a tarot card behind on his table.

Heroes Reborn App

After the Heroes Reborn app was released, a video summary of Emily's history was provided. The summary included:

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