Examples of phasing

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Phasing is the ability to move through solid matter. A full list of examples of the power in action follows.


  • D.L. first experiences his power escaping from a pair of handcuffs at a police station. He later walks through the wall of a prison in order to escape. (Snapshots)
  • D.L. phases through the wall of Niki's house. (Hiros, Better Halves)
  • D.L. opens a door that was locked; this is probably accomplished through phasing. (Better Halves)
  • D.L. phases his arm into Jessica's chest, incapacitating her. (Better Halves)
  • D.L. puts his hand through a closed car window to unlock the door. (Nothing to Hide)
  • After being shot in the arm, D.L. phases a bullet through his head to avoid death. (Fallout)
  • D.L. reaches through a cabin door to unlock it from the inside. (Fallout)
  • While speaking to an imprisoned Niki, D.L. reaches through the glass to hold her hand. (Godsend)
  • D.L. walks through the walls of a secure, padded room to visit Niki. (The Fix)
  • In 2011, "Nathan" phases through a wall and encounters Peter, and is forced to reveal himself as Sylar when Peter remarks, "My brother can't walk through walls". (Five Years Gone)
  • D.L. phases both himself and Jessica through the wall of Linderman's archives. (The Hard Part)
  • D.L. phases himself and Jessica into Nathan's office. (Landslide)
  • D.L. phases himself and Jessica through guard rails in the Company facility and into Linderman's office. (Landslide)
  • D.L. reaches into Linderman's skull and removes his blood-soaked hand, leaving blood on Linderman's hair. (Landslide)