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| age =  
| age =  
| born =  
| born =  
| home = Las Vegas, NV
| occupation = Gambler
| occupation = Gambler
| significant other =  
| significant other =  

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High roller
High roller.jpg
Portrayed by Mark Allan Stewart
First appearance Collision
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Home Las Vegas, NV
Occupation Gambler

The high roller was a gambler in Las Vegas, NV.

Character History


Hiro Nakamura and Ando Masahashi are playing high-stakes poker in Las Vegas at the Montecito Casino, using Hiro's ability to stop time to cheat by switching cards. The high roller becomes suspicious when Hiro swaps three aces out of his hand and into Ando's. When they are ejected from the casino, the high roller and his men catch up with them, beat them, and dump them out of a van on the outskirts of town.

Better Halves

Later, as Hiro and Ando prepare to leave Las Vegas, the high roller catches up to them and tells them he has a way for them to pay him back for cheating him. He takes them to a high stakes private game, and they use Hiro's powers to cheat the other players. When Ando notices one of the players has a gun, he drags Hiro to the bathroom. While they are hiding, Niki's alter-ego arrives to kill the men she used to launder the money. Unable to stop time fast enough to prevent the slaughter, Hiro and Ando listen in horror as the other players, including the high roller, are torn to pieces.


  • It's not made explicit which gambler is Niki's money launderer, but presumably it's the host of the game. Whether that's the high roller, Ernie (the man with the gun), or the lowlife is not revealed.

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