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Nerve manipulation

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Nerve manipulation
Nerve manipulation.jpg
Held by: The Watcher
Ability to: Manipulate the nerves of other people

Nerve manipulation is the ability to manipulate another person's nerves.





This ability allows The Watcher to stop nerve impulses and messages from reaching their intended destination. He appears to have great control over his ability, staying in a near constant state of virtual invisibility to others. During a battle with several other carnies, he blinded them all, however he could not make them deaf due to the large number of people he was already affecting. He can also cause a person to feel excruciating pain, although he might only be able to do this if they touch him. The Watcher states that by reading the electrical impulses around him he can find people.


  • The Watcher stops the nerve impulses to the eyes so people do not see him. (Slow Burn)
  • The Watcher likely used this ability to prevent Chris and Gail Bowman from seeing, hearing and feeling their daughter, Jennie.
  • The Watcher walks through a crowd of carnies and brushes against them. His ability stops the nerves of those he touches from reaching the brain, so they do not feel him. (Slow Burn)
  • The Watcher uses his ability to cause an evolved human to feel like a million needles are puncturing his spine. (Heroes: Survival)
  • The Watcher blinds John Mulligan and causes him severe pain. (Purpose)
  • The Watcher makes it so that Lauren and John cannot move their legs. (Purpose)



  • The Watcher may be able to take control of a person's body, judging by him thinking that he could "not control her physically over the phone" when talking to Morgan Harvey.

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