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I was just made an ADMIN on Chuck Wiki! :)

I can't wait for my Heroes finale party! Its going to be amazing! Popcorn and good times!

Hey there! My name is Iheartheroes or IHH and I joined Heroes Wiki on April 24, 2009. I was offered to be a Patroller on October 1, 2009 and was made one on the 2nd along with my great friend, Catalyst! I have a story line going if you are interested, it is here and you are more than welcome to read it or even subscribe to it!!

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I strongly hate this freaking theory about Allison being Sparrow Redhouse. It is completely out of nowhere. It is like saying that Sylar is Claire Bennet's daughter. It makes no since what so ever. There is no logical proof anywhere. It is just plain retarded and there is nothing to back it up. I really hate how people think that Sparrow could even possibly be Allison. Allison doesn't have a major part in the show. (Neither does Sparrow, but Sparrow is big in the GNs) There is a 100% chance that this will not happen. And it is just another wild Harry Fletcher theory.

If you agree with me, please put your name here:


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Don't Look Back

One Giant Leap



Better Halves

Nothing to Hide

Seven Minutes to Midnight


Six Months Ago



The Fix


  • Mentioned-Charles Deveaux (Stubbed), Angela Petrelli (Stubbed)
  • Hank (appeared)
  • Nathan's office (Stubbed)
  • Kermit, TX (Stubbed)
  • Isaac's Loft (Stubbed)
  • Kensei Sword (Stubbed)


  • Mentioned-Charlie Andrews (Stubbed)
  • Ability-Space/Time Manipulation


Company Man

  • Mentioned-Peter Petrelli (Stubbed)



Five Years Gone

The Hard Part


How to Stop an Exploding Man

Four Months Later...



The Kindness of Strangers

Fight or Flight

The Line

Out of Time

Four Months Ago...

Cautionary Tales

Truth & Consequences


The Second Coming

The Butterfly Effect

One of Us, One of Them

I Am Become Death

Angels and Monsters

Dying of the Light

  • Mentioned-Zimmerman (Stubbed), Chandra (Stubbed)
  • Abilities-Time Travel
  • Mohinders Ring (Stubbed)

Eris Quod Sum


It's Coming

The Eclipse, Part 1

The Eclipse, Part 2

Our Father


A Clear and Present Danger

Trust and Blood

  • Mentioned-Lyle (Stubbed), Senator Malden (Stubbed), Isaac (Stubbed), President (Stubbed), Annapurna (Stubbed), Deepak (Stubbed)
  • Abilities-Freezing, Precognition
  • Places-Bennet House, Tracys Cell (Stubbed)

Building 26

Cold Wars


Shades of Gray

  • Mentioned-Peter (stubbed), Daphne (stubbed)
  • abilities-puppetry, telepathy, flying
  • characters-Claire, doyle, sandra, danko, nathan, matt, noah, sylar, tracy, sams comic guy, angela, matt jr, hiro, babysitter
  • places-bennet house, building 26, samsons house, dankos apartment
  • phone-claire, noah
  • erics theatre
  • washington dc
  • capitol hill
  • tracys heat cell
  • bridge tracy jumped off
  • sams comics
  • pool cleaning van

Cold Snap

Into Asylum

Turn and Face the Strange


  • Mentioned-the company, danko, washington dc
  • abilities-flying, healing, precognitive dreams, weather manipulation, telepathy
  • characters-noah, claire, nathan, angela, alice, bob, linderman, charles deveaux, chandra, zimmerman, mr shaw, mrs shaw, waitress, mohinder, sylar
  • places-coyote sands, coyote sands cafe
  • alice in wonderland
  • einstein
  • lies and deception

I Am Sylar

An Invisible Thread


Jump, Push, Fall


Hysterical Blindness

  • Mercy Heights Hospital (stubbed)

Tabula Rasa

  • Mentioned-Yamagato

Once Upon a Time In Texas

  • Mentioned-spiderman
  • Noahs cell phone (Stubbed)
  • Secrets and deception (Stubbed)


  • Mentioned-Stanton Hotel
  • Noah's cell phone (Stubbed)

The Fifth Stage

  • Mentioned-Danko
  • Noah's cell phone (Stubbed)
  • Mercy Heights Hospital (Stubbed)
  • Sullivan Bros. Carnival (Stubbed)

Upon This Rock

  • Mentioned-Primatech, Danko
  • Sullivan Bros. Carnival (Stubbed)
  • Tokyo, Japan (Stubbed)
  • Mercy Heights Hospital (Stubbed)
  • Claire's phone (Stubbed)

Let It Bleed

  • Mentioned-Danko
  • Sullivan Bros. Carnival (Stubbed)
  • Claire's phone (Stubbed)

Close to You

  • Mentioned-Nathan
  • Sullivan Bros. Carnival (Stubbed)
  • Noah's cell phone (Stubbed)
  • Secrets and deception (Stubbed)
  • Yatta! (Stubbed)


  • Mentioned-Slushy
  • Sullivan Bros. Carnival (Stubbed)

The Art of Deception

  • Mentioned-Matt Jr, Primatech, Rene
  • Sullivan Bros. Carnival (Stubbed)
  • Samuel's trailer
  • Janice Parkman's home (Stubbed)
  • Sprint
  • Noah's cell phone (Stubbed)
  • Claire's phone (Stubbed)

The Wall

  • Mentioned-Matt (Stubbed), Bag and tag, Claude, Compass, Coyote Sands films
  • Sylar's watch (Stubbed)
  • Sullivan Bros. Carnival (Stubbed)
  • Samuel's trailer
  • The Map
  • The Company (Stubbed)
  • Claire's phone (Stubbed)

Brave New World

  • Mentioned-Yamagato Industries, Burnt Toast Diner, House of Mirrors
  • Claire's phone (Stubbed)
  • Sullivan Bros. Carnival (Stubbed)
  • Mercy Heights Hospital (Stubbed)
  • Janice Parkman's home (Stubbed)
  • Edgar's knives
  • New York City (Stubbed)


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