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Portrayed by Unrevealed
In-story stats
Known ability Dyslexic Intuitive aptitude
Formal name Level LeVaJe
Age 27
Date of birth May 1st 1983
Home Utah
Occupations Web Designer, Publication Editor, prospective Game Designer
Parents Mom, Dad
Siblings 5 Brothers, 1 Sister


  • My first name means "jawbone".
  • Other then two years which I lived in Louisiana (most of which was in New Orleans), I have only moved once, and that was right next door.
  • I have been to most of the states in the US.
  • I have not shaved since 2005 and normally have a longer beard than Admin.
  • My favorite numbers:
    • 73^37
    • 1437
    • 337
    • ^37

My List

I would add my list except it is currently more than 70 pages long, has more than 175 characters, has links to documents I made for powers, comic book scripts, natural explanations of the supernatural, Deaths list, geniuses, songs, a movie scrip, and I am working on game scripts, and I Don't want to worry about getting copyrights.

Sub Pages

To do

Neat Stuff

Interesting pages on other sites.

Connections on better one here, Character connections.


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