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Untold Tales
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There are a lot of things which people miss in life. Lots of moments that just pass by un-noticed. But after years sitting back. Watching, listening to other people, I learned more than most. Just how selfish the human race is. Just how ignorant.

You see, I'm special. I can do things that most people only see in movies. I can manipulate energy. Every kind of energy. Change it into another. Allowing me do to amazing things.

And there are others too. I've seen a few. Using their abilities when they thought no-one was watching. But, of course, I was. I made note of every one I saw.

I don't show off to my friends; the few that I have. They wouldn't understand. Neither would my family. That's why I had to leave them. Moved to London. That was where he found me...

UNTOLD TALES will be a mixture of text and media on YouTube.


Heroes Untold Tales Promotional Video
Volume 1: Pinehearst
NEW! Chapter 1: London


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