Prison ambush agent

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Prison ambush agent
Walls Part 1-Sumo Man.jpg
First appearance Walls, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Occupation Works for Matt Parkman

An agent who works for Matt grabs Hiro Nakamura in the "explosion future".

Character History

Graphic Novel:Walls, Part 1

A member of Director Parkman's team helps trap Peter, Hiro and Niki at the Moab Federal Penitentiary. He grabs Hiro and lifts him off the ground.

Graphic Novel:Walls, Part 2

The agent tries to attack the prisoners, but is stopped by Peter's newly-acquired ability. The man goes after Hiro--he smashes a wall, but Hiro ducks out of the way. Hiro uses his sword and the two continue fighting. In the end, the agent is defeated and the inmates leave the man tangled at the prison.


  • It is unclear what ability this agent has, if he has one at all. However, the other two agents in the ambush team clearly have powers.
  • This agent is able to lift Hiro clear off the ground with one hand and crumble a wall with his fist.
  • Peter and Hiro conclude that one of the guards must have a power that keeps them from stopping time.


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