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Ando and the Ando-cycle

First mentioned: A Clear and Present Danger
Owned by: Ando Masahashi
Current status: In Ando's possession

Along with a lair and a spandex suit, Hiro gives Ando the "Ando-cycle", a Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle motorcycle.


A Clear and Present Danger

Hiro presents Ando with the "Ando-cycle" while showing Ando around the lair. Ando shows little interest in the lair, suit or Hiro's desire for him to become a superhero, he is, however, interested in the "Ando-cycle". While Ando is sitting on the bike, Hiro injects him with a GPS tracker, much to Ando's annoyance. He drives off on the Ando-cycle, away from Hiro and into Tokyo.

When Hiro eventually tracks down Ando, he is discovered to have driven the Ando-cycle to a Tokyo strip club. He tells Hiro that the Ando-Cycle is a "chick magnet". Suddenly, he hears Hiro being attacked and races off on the Ando-cycle, back to he and Hiro's lair.

I Am Sylar

In the face of being accused that Hiro does not support Ando, Hiro reminds his friend that he got him the "Ando-cycle".

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