Aron's diamonds

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Aron's diamonds
Matt looks at the diamonds in his bedroom.

First mentioned: Run!
Owned by: Aron Malsky
Current status: held by Matt Parkman

Aron Malsky converts Linderman's money into a small cache of diamonds in preparation for leaving the country.



Aron Malsky kept Linderman's money for himself when he received it from D.L.. Malsky soon flees Las Vegas, hiring Matt Parkman as a bodyguard while he uses the money to purchase diamonds at Ridgway Jewelry in Los Angeles. Unfortunately for Aron, the purchase arrangement is a trap; Linderman has sent Jessica to kill Malsky. Malsky manages to hide the diamonds on a ceiling tile before Jessica catches and kills him. Matt, having read Malsky's mind before his death, finds the diamonds and keeps them.


Matt hides the diamonds in a sock drawer in his house. When Janice finds a ring set with a diamond, Matt tells her that he knows "a guy" and gives her the ring. Janice is angered when the diamond appraises for $40,000, and insists that Matt return the diamonds. Matt explains that he can't--Malsky is dead.


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