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Cast and crew birthdays
Heroes birthdays composite.jpg
Hayden Panettiere (top left) and Milo Ventimiglia (right) celebrate their birthdays; Tim Kring (bottom left) and the Season Two Cast celebrate one year of Heroes during the Heroes World Tour.

Many of the cast and crew are celebrating birthdays this month.

Cast Members

The following cast members were born in September:
Season One Cast
Name Date of Birth
Max Amini 20 September
Clea DuVall 25 September 1977
Nick Endres 30 September 1982
Tiffany Hines 2 September 1987
Yuki Matsuzaki 24 September 1981
Michael Maury 24 September
Geno Monteiro 18 September 1974
Brent Tarnol 2 September 1987
Season Two Cast
Name Date of Birth
Emerson Brooks 29 September
Barry Shabaka Henley 15 September 1954
Noriaki Ito 8 September 1948
Tak Kubota 20 September 1934
Holt McCallany 3 September 1964
Lauren Stamile 12 September 1976
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa 27 September 1950
Season Three Cast
Name Date of Birth
Daniel Aldema 12 September 1975
BJ Clinkscales 9 September 1981
Kimberly Estrada 3 September 1971
Jason E. Kelley 4 September
Brian Palermo 12 September 1966
Tehmina Sunny 6 September 1980
Steve Tom 20 September 1953
Matthew R. Wiese 22 September 1971
Webisodes Cast
Name Date of Birth
Mfundo Morrison 5 September 1974
Roberto Urbina 2 September 1983

Crew Members

The following crew members were born in September:
Series Crew
Name Date of Birth
Tony Adler 11 September 1958
Dartenea Bryant 11 September
James Clark 10 September 1967
Roxann Dawson 11 September 1958
Joel Goldes 28 September 1963
Misha Green 22 September
Derek Johnson 20 September 1982
Emily Lawless 24 September 1969
Christopher D. Martin 29 September 1980
John Radulovic 28 September 1955
Steve Schriver 24 September
Scott Workman 16 September 1966
Graphic Novel Crew
Name Date of Birth
Brian Buccellato 2 September 1970
Joe Kelly 1 September
Mark Roslan 14 September 1981
Webisodes Crew
Name Date of Birth
Rand Gamble 16 September
Tyler Moore 10 September 1975
Countdown Crew
Name Date of Birth
Alan Carter 13 September 1959

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