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The following themes and motifs recur throughout the series Heroes:


  • Character connections — The seemingly disparate lives of characters on Heroes are inevitably connected to one another.
  • Child vs. parent — Many characters have conflicts with their parents.
  • Death — Many characters face the loss of a loved one.
  • Faith and religion — Many characters are spiritual.
  • Family — "Blood runs thicker than water". Is it always right to put your family first?
  • Fate vs. free will — Is a character's future pre-destined, or can they make their own choice to determine the outcome?
  • Heroism — Can a character step up and make the right decisions and actions when pressure is upon them?
  • Irony — Many characters faced the cruelty of fate's little joke.
  • Logic vs. emotion — The characters must listen to their hearts or their minds.
  • Loneliness — Many characters feel lonely.
  • Loyalty vs. treachery — Where do the allegiances of a character lie?
  • Moral ambiguity — There is no absolute good or evil character, only "shades of grey". Everyone has their personality flaws and moments of glory.
  • One punch knockout — Many characters are knocked out with one punch, often for a comedic effect.
  • Pressure of responsibility — Can a character make the right choices when they are faced with responsibility by others?
  • Revenge — The characters face problems, and are hurt. Sometimes, they decide some payback is in order.
  • Sacrifice — There are moments when a character must give up what they hold dear (even including their own life) to save others.
  • Secrets and deception — Sometimes a lie must be told to protect a character from the truth.
  • Special — Some characters believe they are special, while others don't want to be.
  • Women in Refrigerators — Many characters are victimized.