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Citizen's Border Patrol

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Citizen's Border Patrol
Border Patrol Us Citizen.png
Purpose: Hunting illegal immigrants from Mexico
First appearance The Line
Known members: Border patrolman, other unnamed patrolmen (all deceased)
Equipment used: Shotguns, 2 SUVs

Members of a Citizen's Border Patrol try to stop Maya, Alejandro and Sylar from crossing the Mexico-U.S. border.


The Line

At the border, Sylar and Maya find an opening in a fence. Sylar tells her to drive through the unfinished fence, but then, suddenly, the car is surrounded by armed men with the Citizen's Border Patrol. Sylar tells Maya they're fake police and to drive around. The armed men surround the car and show their weapons. Sylar and Alejandro yell at Maya, which makes her upset. She feels her ability activating, and Sylar fights off Alejandro so it will activate, saying that she should use her ability to help them. Her eyes turn black, and the men outside the car collapse. Sylar's eyes turn black as well, and he yells for Maya to drive.


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