Claire's heart necklace

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Claire's heart necklace
Claire's heart pendant.jpg
Sylar reads the memories from Claire's pendant.

First mentioned: Into Asylum
Owned by: Claire Bennet
Current status: At the Quarry, in Pinehearst's possession

Noah Bennet gives his daughter a necklace. After she pawns it for money in Mexico, Nathan Petrelli buys it back. Sylar later uses it to get memories of Nathan and Claire together.


Shades of Gray

Claire wears the necklace on the day she tries to get a job at Sam's Comics where Alex used to work.

Into Asylum

Claire Bennet hands Nathan Petrelli a roll of money, telling him that she pawned the necklace "her other father" gave her. Nathan later reveals that he sold his watch to buy it back as he fastens it around Claire's neck.

An Invisible Thread

Sylar posing as Nathan Petrelli handles Claire's necklace in order to get memories of Nathan and her in Mexico.

Heroes Evolutions

Gemini: Heroes Reborn

Claire's necklace is found at the Quarry, attached to a Pinehearst file (number 981100A).

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