Episode:11:53 to Odessa

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11:53 to Odessa
Season: Reborn
Episode number: 510
First aired: November 19, 2015
1153 to Odessa.jpg
Written by: Seamus Kevin Fahey
Directed by: Larysa Kondracki
Previous episode: Sundae, Bloody Sundae
Next episode: Send in the Clones


Story Development

Gateway · Kenjutsu Martial Arts Dojo · Miko Otomo (Hachiro's daughter)


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Memorable Quotes

Character Appearances


  • The live showing of this episode of Heroes Reborn was viewed by 3.719 million people, which represents a 1.54% drop in viewership from the previous episode. This also amounts to the lowest number of live viewers of the entire season of Heroes Reborn, with a total drop of 43.38% from the highest viewed episode, Brave New World.
  • 11:53 is literally seven minutes to midnight. A Season One episode was also titled Seven Minutes to Midnight.

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