Evacuation notice

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Evacuation notice

First mentioned: The Line
Owned by: Peter

An evacuation notice is found by Peter Petrelli in the post-outbreak future.


The Line

After Peter unintentionally teleports Caitlin into an abandoned future New York, Peter picks up an evacuation notice, which directed the citizens of New York to leave the city immediately on June 14, 2008.

Truth & Consequences

Peter returns to the past, and meets Adam Monroe, who helps him recover his lost memory. Shortly after, Peter relives his and Caitlin's confrontation with a CDC hazmat crew. While watching himself and Caitlin being questioned, he picks up another copy of the evacuation notice. After his experience is over, Peter is back in the Montreal warehouse, and has the evacuation notice in his hand. He shows it to Adam, explaining that the Shanti virus caused the evacuation.

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