Evan's clones

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Evan's clones
Powers evan an army of me.jpg
A large army of Evan's clones prepares to fight.
Location: Port Arlesburgh
Purpose: Doing Evan's bidding
First appearance Revolutionary War, Part 1
Known leader: Evan
Known members: Evan's clones

Evan creates many clones using his ability to destroy Port Arlesburgh and to teach Adam a lesson.


Graphic Novel:Revolutionary War, Part 1

During the Revolutionary War in 1777, Adam Monroe is hired to help defend Port Arlesburgh, eventually coming across a man he believes can heal just like he can. He finds Evan and runs him through the stomach with his saber. However, mere moments later, he turns around and is stabbed by what he thinks is a freshly-regenerated Evan.

Graphic Novel:Revolutionary War, Part 2

Adam continues fighting a seemingly endless number of Evan clones across changing seasons and differing locations. However, he is eventually cornered by a large group of clones who continually mock Adam, saying he cannot win alone and the replicants are "strongly united".

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