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Sylar's medical chart notes that he was given a glycimerine drip.

First mentioned: Godsend
Owned by: The Company

Glycimerine is a drug that the Company administers to Sylar.



Hank gives a captive Sylar glycimerine as part of the Company's inquiry to find the "codon switches that identify his aptitudes". Mr. Bennet asks if Sylar is responding to the glycimerine, and Hank reports that the prisoner was given enough of the drug to kill an elephant. He further warns that if he continues at this rate, Sylar will be dead by the next day. Mr. Bennet informs Hank that they haven't been authorized to kill Sylar.

Company Man

Matt shows the Bennet family the mark on his neck and says that Mr. Bennet abducts people. "He he drugs us! He injects us with I don't know what."

Heroes Evolutions

"Glycimerine drip" is mentioned on Sylar's medical chart at The chart also notes a shunt, which Sylar wore while captive.


  • In high enough doses glycimerine may be fatal. The exact purpose of the drug is not yet known.
  • It is unknown if glycimerine is related to the shunt.

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