Goateed carny

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Goateed carny
Dadashian's carny.jpg
Portrayed by Robert Dadashian
First appearance The Fifth Stage
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Residence Sullivan Bros. Carnival
Occupation Carny

A goateed carny works and lives at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival.

Character History

The Fifth Stage

A burly guy storms into the carnival backstage, and begins punching Samuel, claiming that the carnival ripped him off. As Samuel stumbles backwards, the goateed carny catches him, and gives the burly guy a menacing look.

Brave New World

In Central Park, the carny applauds as Samuel gives a speech about how their "Greatest Show on Earth" will change everything.

At night, the carny listens as Claire storms in to the carnival backstage, telling everyone to get away from Samuel. He watches intently as Samuel disputes with Noah, Edgar, and Eli, and then leaves Samuel after realizing his true nature. He and the rest of the carnies are teleported away to a safe place by Hiro Nakamura.

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