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Some notes for things this page should include. Feel free to add. :) -- RyanGibsonStewart (talk) 20:31, 26 April 2009 (EDT)

  • Names shouldn't be opposed based on another name being better.
  • Possessor names shouldn't be opposed. They shouldn't even be part of the consensus check.
  • Opposition should be based on validity and not on personal preference.
  • If two or more names remain, and there is a clear favorite, that's the name that gets chosen. If there's no clear favorite, a traditional vote can be held.
  • How does this work for character names and the like? (We usually don't have issues with anything but power names...why is that?)
  • See Heroes Wiki talk:Community Portal#Consensus checks.
  • See User talk:Ryangibsonstewart#consensus checks
  • Names can be crossed out when there is legitimate opposition.
  • Formalize where discussions should go...
  • Anything else? :) -- RyanGibsonStewart (talk) 20:31, 26 April 2009 (EDT)
    • What happens if someone gives a legitimate opposition to a name, but another person also gives a legitimate counterargument to the opposition?--Referos 09:44, 12 December 2009 (EST)