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Heroes Wiki would like to wish the following members of the cast and crew who were born in August a happy birthday:
Season One Cast: Bill Blair, 17 AugustEugene Byrd, 28 August 1975Josh Clark, 16 August 1955Tawny Cypress, 8 August 1976John Lacy, 29 August 1965Danielle Morrow, 15 August 1993D. Elliot Woods, 15 August 1969Karl T. Wright, and
Season Two Cast: Elya Baskin, 11 August 1950Joanna Cassidy, 2 August 1945Beau Dremann, 13 August 1963Rachel Kimsey, 28 August 1978Sara Solomon, 30 August 1988James Storm, 12 August 1943Mio Takada, 12 AugustJared Ward, and &#x0020
Season Three Cast: Katherine Boecher, 10 August 1981John Glover, 7 August 1944Mara LaFontaine, 13 August 1986Rolando Molino, 13 August 1971Diana Scarwid, and
Webisodes Cast: Norma Maldonado, 2 August 1962Luke Massy, and &#x0020
Series Crew: Robert Alonzo, 4 August 1970John Badham, 25 August 1939Andrew Chambliss, 25 August 1981Todd Harthan, 27 August 1976Nick Infield, 13 August 1958Lin Oeding, 9 August 1977J.J. Philbin, 30 August 1974Mark Viniello, 12 August 1970Wendy and Lisa, and 26 January 1964 (Wendy Melvoin)
17 August 1960
Graphic Novel Crew: Andrew Chambliss, 25 August 1981Gene Ha, 19 August 1969R.D. Hall, 29 August 1974Staz Johnson, 27 August 1965Travis Kotzebue, 20 August 1976Annette Kwok, 15 AugustJim Lee, and
Webisodes Crew: Renetta Amador, 1 August 1970Eagle Egilsson, 31 August 1966Kristin Mente, and
Countdown Crew: Ray Bravo and
For a complete listing of cast and crew members' dates of birth, see cast and crew birthdays.
Holidays and observances
Heroes Wiki would like to wish its users a happy and safe holiday season. The following are annual Heroes observances:
For additional holidays and observances, see Wikipedia's holidays by country category.
This month in Heroes history
The below events are known to occur in the current month of August:
For additional events in Heroes history, see Heroes Wiki's timeline article.

Current checklists

Latest Episode: Project Reborn (checklist)
Latest Webisode: Damen Peak, Part 3 (checklist)
Latest Graphic Novel: Godsend, Part 5 (checklist)

Articles being considered for renaming

The following articles are being considered for a name change:

Active discussions

Following are the twenty talk pages with most recent activity:

For a list of other recent discussions, see here.

Most accessed stubs

The following are the most accessed articles needing expansion:

Incomplete articles Articles with incomplete sections Cast and Crew Stubs

Articles for deletion

The following are being considered for deletion and ordered by last edit date:

Articles for deletion Images for deletion (Top 6 below; click here for more)

Longest talk pages

Following are the twenty longest talk pages (User talk namespace and archive category omitted):
Talk:Joseph's ability [59 kB] - Theory talk:Sylar [56 kB] - Heroes Wiki talk:Languages [53 kB] - Help talk:Naming conventions [51 kB] - Spoiler talk:Heroes [45 kB] - Talk:Puppet master [44 kB] - Talk:Samuel Sullivan [43 kB] - Talk:Melting [43 kB] - Spoiler talk:Brave New World (Heroes) [42 kB] - Talk:Saving Charlie [41 kB] - Talk:Timeline:April 2007-December 2014 [41 kB] - Talk:Timeline:Pre-eclipse [41 kB] - Talk:Ability replication [40 kB] - Fan Creation talk:Heroes Chess [40 kB] - Heroes Wiki talk:Patrollers [38 kB] - Heroes Wiki talk:Current events [38 kB] - Talk:Flight [38 kB] - Category talk:Characters [38 kB] - Talk:Assignment Tracker 2.0 [37 kB] - Talk:Claire Bennet [37 kB]

Most wanted pages

Following are the most wanted pages:

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