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Heroes Wiki would like to wish the following members of the cast and crew who were born in April a happy birthday:
Season One Cast: Erick Avari, 13 April 1952Conroe Brooks, 15 April 1976Ethan Cohn, 18 April 1979Ashlee Gillespie, 13 April 1985Stacy Haiduk, 24 April 1968Stana Katic, 26 April 1978Matt Lanter, 1 April 1983Annie McKnight, and &#
Season Two Cast: Dianna Agron, 30 April 1986Adrian Bellani, 8 April 1982Joe Bucaro, 4 April 1964Nicholas D'Agosto, 17 April 1980Jaime Ray Newman, and &#x002
Season Three Cast: Kevin Alejandro, 7 April 1976Amrapali Ambegaokar, 18 April 1978Francis Capra, 22 April 1983Taylor Cole, 29 April 1984Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, April 1968Alexa Nikolas, 4 April 1992Madden Page, 9 April 1959Eric Roberts, 18 April 1956Franc Ross, 6 April 1954Manuel Urrego, and &#x0020
Series Crew: Allan Arkush, 30 April 1948Shannah Barrett, 20 April 1984Ed Bianchi, 24 April 1942Raymond Consing, 22 April 1966Diane Crooke, 19 AprilRagui Hanna, 25 April 1980Rachel Howard, 30 April 1985Michael Hugghins, 23 April 1977Joel Larson, 29 April 1947Lori Madrigal, 16 AprilChandler Poling, 28 April 1982Jon Rosenthal, 3 April 1964Shenkar, 26 April 1950Aviv Surkin, 9 April 1981Scott Trimble, and &#x0020
Graphic Novel Crew: JG Roshell, 5 April 1970David Wohl, and &#x0020
Webisodes Crew: Allan Arkush, 30 April 1948Abby Roll, and &#x0020
Countdown Crew: Sabrina Rufo and &#
For a complete listing of cast and crew members' dates of birth, see cast and crew birthdays.
Holidays and observances
Heroes Wiki would like to wish its users a happy and safe holiday season. The following are annual Heroes observances:
For additional holidays and observances, see Wikipedia's holidays by country category.
This month in Heroes history
The below events are known to occur in the current month of April:
For additional events in Heroes history, see Heroes Wiki's timeline article.

Current checklists

Latest Episode: Project Reborn (checklist)
Latest Webisode: Damen Peak, Part 3 (checklist)
Latest Graphic Novel: Godsend, Part 5 (checklist)

Articles being considered for renaming

The following articles are being considered for a name change:

Active discussions

Following are the twenty talk pages with most recent activity:

For a list of other recent discussions, see here.

Most accessed stubs

The following are the most accessed articles needing expansion:

Incomplete articles Articles with incomplete sections Cast and Crew Stubs

Articles for deletion

The following are being considered for deletion and ordered by last edit date:

Articles for deletion Images for deletion (Top 6 below; click here for more)

Longest talk pages

Following are the twenty longest talk pages (User talk namespace and archive category omitted):
Talk:Joseph's ability [59 kB] - Theory talk:Sylar [56 kB] - Heroes Wiki talk:Languages [53 kB] - Help talk:Naming conventions [51 kB] - Spoiler talk:Heroes [45 kB] - Talk:Puppet master [44 kB] - Talk:Samuel Sullivan [43 kB] - Talk:Melting [43 kB] - Spoiler talk:Brave New World (Heroes) [42 kB] - Talk:Saving Charlie [41 kB] - Talk:Timeline:April 2007-December 2014 [41 kB] - Talk:Timeline:Pre-eclipse [41 kB] - Talk:Ability replication [40 kB] - Fan Creation talk:Heroes Chess [40 kB] - Heroes Wiki talk:Patrollers [38 kB] - Heroes Wiki talk:Current events [38 kB] - Talk:Flight [38 kB] - Category talk:Characters [38 kB] - Talk:Assignment Tracker 2.0 [37 kB] - Talk:Claire Bennet [37 kB]

Most wanted pages

Following are the most wanted pages:

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