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So far Heroes Wiki has a single piece of merchandise, the Heroes Wiki t-shirt. In order to provide apparel that will appeal to as many people as possible we're taking submissions for t-shirt logos. All logos submitted should be 200dpi images and should conform to CafePress's guidelines on image sizes. When uploading a prospective design please note whether you intend for it to be displayed on the front/back, pocket, or shoulders of the t-shirt (CafePress has different requirements for each). Submissions must not use copyrighted images from other artists without their express approval. If you submit a design and would like to purchase it yourself as a t-shirt, then it will definitely be added to the Heroes Wiki store (please make a note on the discussion page that you will be purchasing it yourself). Otherwise the submissions will be judged and the top submissions will be made into Heroes Wiki t-shirts that may be distributed to certain members for free.

Also welcome are designs for other merchandise offered through CafePress. Just make sure that your submission conforms to their guidelines in terms of image dimensions and dpi. Please also note in your submission what type of merchandise your design is intended for.