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Files included in the used files article will clear images out of the unused images list and articles out of the orphaned articles list.

Heroes Wiki shares the file repository across all language instances, but does not share image usage information, thus a file could appear to be unused in one language site (English) when the file is used in another language. Also, some images are linked to but not included in a page; these images will also show as "unused".

Unlinked-to articles in the main namespace show up in the orphaned articles list. Some articles may exist as subpages of existing articles, being included as a template and not linked to from other pages of the site. Also, automated portals (such as Portal:Guest Cast) may use orphaned articles as a placeholder to be auto-linked to when the portal expands to a large enough size to require said article.

Images which are displayed on a page will automatically be marked as "used". They need not be included here.