Hiro's scrolls

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Hiro's scrolls
Hiros scrolls.jpg
Ando finds Hiro's scrolls.

First mentioned: Kindred
Owned by: Ando Masahashi
Current status: In Ando's possession

Hiro Nakamura writes scrolls about his adventures in the past, which Ando finds.



At Yamagato Industries, Ando looks at the Kensei sword, and finds an inscription on the hilt that reads "Ando, open". After removing the cover, Ando finds several small scrolls. He reads them, finding they are from Hiro in the past, telling of his adventures with Takezo Kensei.

Fight or Flight

Ando takes the scrolls to the Museum of Cultural History, where they are examined by a specialist, Tatsuya Atsumi. They reveal more about events occurring in feudal Japan in 1671.

The Line

Ando revisits the Museum of Cultural History, where Tatsuya Atsumi examines the remainder of the scrolls. The last lines of the final scroll states "It was the kiss that fractured time. It changed me forever, Ando."


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