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Heroes Wiki has got interviews with Glenn Hetrick who is a special makeup effects artist, Mark Spatny who is the visual effects producer, Jon Rosenthal who is a digital effects artist and Diego Galtieri who is a digital compositer. Please post your questions. This interview is being done by Skywalkerrbf.


All Seasons

  • If you could have any power, then what would it be?
  • Did you enjoy working on Heroes? Was it different from any other jobs you have had?
  • Do you have any stories from your work on Heroes?
  • If so do you have a favourite character or episode?
  • Which of the special make-up effects on Heroes were you responsible for? Can you tell us a bit about hoe you made these effects?
  • You have also worked as a puppeteer on Heroes, what was a puppet?
  • Can you tell us a bit about any other work you are doing?
  • Pictures are worth a thousand words. Glenn, could you share some pictures of your work on Heroes? It'd be great to see some shots of the final product, but even cooler to see shots of your work in process. Thanks!

Special Effects

Season One (episode 12+)

- How did you create an "invisible" effect, as in a "blurred" image rather than simply deleting the character's presence. How was that filmed and edited?

Season Two

- I thought the effect of Peter regurgitating a bullet in one of the early episodes of Generations was quite impressive... great job on that! How exactly did you manage to pull that off and make it look so real?

Season Three

-How are shots between future versions of heroes carried out? For example, hiro and future hiro meeting each other in season 1, and peter and future peter in season 3. How does the actor act out the scenes?

-Obviously the effects have been bumped up this season. Well done! I just wonder, what has been the hardest visual effect to do? Sylar's recent nuclear explosion?

-Have there been any instances where a certain ability has been deemed too complicated or expensive to render, so it was scrapped? And if so, which ones?

-If you could add a new power into the show which power would you like to see as a visual effect?

-Is the ability of Ando in the future the same as Elle's? If so, why did you choose to make it red?

-In a previous interview, it was stated that the scenes with Hiro and Future Hiro (episode 20, season 1) were among the most difficult to manage. How has it been doing so many scenes with Peter and Future Peter together?

-Was it hard to create the vortex?