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J.J. Philbin

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J.J. Philbin
J.J. Philbin.jpg
Also known as Jennifer Philbin
Title Writer
Date of birth 30 August 1974
Origin New York, NY, USA
Gender Female
IMDb profile

J.J. Philbin was a writer and producer for Heroes. Philbin worked on the second season as a co-executive producer.


J.J. Philbin has received accolades for her work on The O.C., where she began as a writer, but also supervised scripts for the show and co-produced some episodes. She got her start writing comedy sketches for Mad TV and Saturday Night Live (where she was nominated for a Writer's Guild award). Additionally, J.J. has worked on the writing teams for shows like Dead Like Me, That Was Then, and Coupling.

Following Heroes, J.J. helped produce Kings, and was a producer-writer for New Girl.

Episodes Written


  • J.J. Philbin is the daughter of Regis Philbin. She is married to Michael Schur, a writer and producer for The Office who also plays Mose Schrute. They met in the writing offices of Saturday Night Live.

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