Linderman's woman

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Linderman's woman
Linderman's woman.jpg
Portrayed by Unknown
First appearance Angels and Monsters
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown

In an unaired scene from Angels and Monsters, a woman accompanies Linderman to make an offer to Knox.

Character History

Angels and Monsters

Knox ogles a beautiful car, but is interrupted by Linderman. The woman, wearing a very sexy dress strides up next to Linderman and listens when Linderman says that he has an offer Knox can't refuse. The women says to Knox, "Hey, baby. Wanna go for a ride?" Knox looks her up and down and says, "Okay".


  • The woman who accompanies Linderman only appears in a deleted scene from Angels and Monsters, as shown on the Season Three DVD.
  • At the time that the woman and Linderman appeared, Linderman was already dead. His appearance is the manifestation of a telepathic illusion, presumably created by Maury Parkman. It is unknown whether Maury actually sent a woman and limousine to Knox, or if her appearance was also a figment of Knox's imagination.

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