Memphis General Hospital

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Memphis General Hospital
Memphis General Hospital.jpg
Location: Memphis, TN
Purpose: Medical

Donald Essex is treated at Memphis General Hospital in Memphis, TN.

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors


Graphic Novel:Under the Bridge, Part 1

At the hospital, Donald Essex asks when he can be discharged. A nurse tells him that he will have to wait a while, and that some people from the government are here to see him. Nathan Petrelli walks in, and asks to talk with Donald.

Graphic Novel:Under the Bridge, Part 2

In the hospital, Donald reviews a sheet of paper. Nathan has offered to hire Donald, who is involved in law enforcement, to hunt down "specials" like Perrin Crocker. Donald appears undecided, and Nathan tells Donald to sleep on it and he'll get back to him in the morning.


  • In reality, there is no Memphis General Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

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