Molly's drawings

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Molly's drawings

First mentioned: Four Months Later...
Owned by: Molly Walker

Molly's drawings cause some concern for Matt Parkman and Miss Gerber.


Four Months Later...

Outside of Molly's school in New York City, Matt Parkman and Miss Gerber discuss Molly's problems in school. Miss Gerber says that Molly is sleeping in class and is struggling. She then shows Matt some disturbing drawings Molly has drawn, each with a strange symbol. Later that evening at home, Matt confronts Molly about the drawings, but she erupts--she doesn't want to talk about them.


As Matt and Molly sleep, several of Molly's drawings lie in a pile on the nightstand.


  • The drawings include menacing looking eyes and a symbol. The colors red and black are used most often. One drawing is of a young girl, presumably Molly, asleep in a bed.



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