Nanci Quesada

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Nanci Quesada
Nanci Quesada.jpg
Also known as Nanci Dakesian
Title Editor, Producer
Gender Female
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Nanci Quesada is graphic novel editor.


Nanci Quesada is an editor for Comicraft, a graphic novel design and services company which does the lettering for the Heroes graphic novels. Besides her working editing for Heroes graphic novels, Nancy has edited for Marvel's Spider-Man: Blue 3 comics and its more mature comics series, Marvel Knights, and Invisible College. Nanci has also worked extensively on Daredevil, Painkiller Jane, and The Punisher, among others.

Graphic Novels Edited

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  • Nanci Quesada (née Dakesian) is married to Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada.

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