New York church

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New York church
Father Vance's church.jpg
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Worshipping

A New York church in New York City has a significant meaning to Angela.

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Into Asylum

Angela Petrelli enters the church after being saved by her son, Peter. She tries to sleep to find out what to do next until agents enter and attempt to capture them. When Peter prays at the altar, agents enter the church. Father Vance asks what the agents think they're doing, but the agents say that they believe the church is harboring fugitives. Both Peter and Angela hide in the confession box and are found by Noah, who then tells the other agents that it is all clear. Angela later has a dream that tells her that she and Peter need to reunite with Nathan and Claire and then go find her sister. After this, Angela and Peter leave the church hand-in-hand.


  • Angela Petrelli and Arthur Petrelli were married at this church in 1964.
  • Peter Petrelli had his First Communion here.
  • Peter's grandmother's funeral was held here. Peter held his mother's hand the whole time to comfort her although Angela said he may have been too young to remember it. Incidentally, when Angela was speaking of Peter's grandmother, she was presumably referring to Arthur's mother, since Angela's mother died many years before Peter was born.
  • According to Heroes Interactive, the script for Into Asylum specifically called for a stained glass church window with Peter as a "guardian angel."
  • Scenes that took place in the interior of the church were filmed at St. Vincent de Paul Church in Los Angeles, California.

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