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Directions for Creating a Theory Page

  • If your theory is about a person, replace LAST NAME, FIRST NAME as appropriate. If this does not apply, erase the sort=LAST NAME, FIRST NAME section.
  • If the name of the article is slightly different than the name that needs to appear in the lead text, change it using name= and include links as needed.
  • Replace FIRSTTHEORY, FIRSTCITATION, and FIRSTNOTES with your theory, a citation and notes.
    • Theories should not added if they have already been proved or disproved by a canon source.
    • Citations are from canon sources, including episodes and graphic novels. If there is no canon citation, add "None" to this section.
    • Any notes about the theory should be separated with a line break (<br>), and be preceded by either the {{plus}}, {{minus}}, or {{note}} bullet.
  • If you have more than one theory, add the next theory in the same manner, but separate it from the previous theory with a pipe and a dash: |-. For more help adding and editing tables, see the help section.
  • Preview this page. When you are satisfied, save the page.
  • Go back to Newpage theory directions and add a link to your new theory page by placing {{theories}} after the last section, but before any navigational templates.
  • Add a cell to the appropriate theories portal.