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Primatech lab technician

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Primatech lab technician
Primatech lab technician.jpg
Portrayed by Jim Annan
First appearance Project Reborn
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Date of death 2008
Occupation Lab technician at Primatech

A lab technician works for Primatech.

Character History

Project Reborn

In 2008, the time-displaced Angela Petrelli and René work with a lab technician to test out Malina and Tommy Clark's abilities when they came into contact with each other. After seeing the two in pain, the lab technician attempts to help them. He touches them and because of their powers, he is electrocuted to death. Angela realizes that in order for their full abilities to work, they will need a conductor who can handle the powers unlike the lab technician.

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