Puerta al Cielo Motel

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Puerta al Cielo Motel
Puerta al Cielo Motel
Location: Pátzcuaro, Mexico
Purpose: Lodging

Nathan and Claire stay at the Puerta al Cielo Motel Pátzcuaro, Mexico.

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors


Into Asylum

Nathan and Claire, both on the run from Danko, enter the motel. Nathan hands over all of his money, which is enough for one night. The receptionist mentions that there are different rates for paying by the hour, to which Nathan yells that he is Claire's father and then storms out. Later, after Claire wins the drinking contest, the two return to their room. Nathan expresses regret over his actions towards her in the past, and wishes that he hadn't kept his distance from her. As he falls asleep, he says he will make things better. Claire, with tears in her eyes, covers her father up with a blanket.


  • According to Heroes Interactive for Into Asylum, the exterior shots of the motel are actually of a motel in Venice Beach, and the interiors were shot on a sound stage.

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