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This article archives the history of Quentin Frady during Season Reborn.

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Character History

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 1

Quentin is playing a video game in his apartment when his sister, Phoebe, tells him that she has to show him something. He reluctantly turns the game off and follows Phoebe to her bedroom, where he is instructed to hold her phone and use it to record her shadow. Quentin watches her use her ability to wave at him with her shadow without actually moving herself, revealing that she is an evolved human. Quentin is amazed, and exclaims how cool it is to have an "evo" sister. They return to the couch, and Quentin asks her more questions about her ability, such as when she discovered it and whether her mother knew. She replies that she discovered it about 2-3 years ago, and that Quentin is the only person she has told.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 2

Quentin accompanies Phoebe on her first day at South Western College to help her carry her things and get settled in. When they arrive in her dorm room, Phoebe finds the new camcorder Quentin bought her among her things. He tells her that he thinks she should keep making videos, because her story is inspiring and her ability "badass". She thanks him, and introduces him to Aly when she arrives. Quentin makes sure that Aly is "cool" with Phoebe's ability before he leaves. When he is gone, Aly remarks that he is "kind of adorable".

Much later, back at his apartment, Quentin asks Phoebe why she didn't tell him that she was having nightmares again. She storms off, but Quentin follows her and tells her not to be mad at Aly for telling him because they are both worried about her. Quentin tries to reassure her that her nightmares aren't real, but Phoebe disagrees and rejects his ideas to help her. After a short conversation, Quentin persuades her to abstain from using her power for a while, in case that is what's causing her nightmares.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 3

Quentin attends a pro-evo demonstration that Phoebe and Aly organized outside South Western College. When a counter-protest arrives and things turn nasty, Quentin is powerless to stop Phoebe being arrested by a riot officer.

Later, Quentin accompanies Phoebe when she is forced to register her ability with the Department of Homeland Security. After the registration, Quentin tells her how worrying it is that registration is becoming mandatory. He tells her about the worsening treatment of evos in Russia and China, but Phoebe doesn't want to think about it.

Quentin and Phoebe attend an internship fair at South Western College. When Phoebe hands a recruiter her evo ID card, Quentin witnesses the recruiter deny her an application because she is an evo. He angrily tells the recruiter that he has her discriminatory behavior on tape and leaves with his sister. On the way out, they are confronted by M. F. Harris, who tells Phoebe about Renautas and gives her his card. Quentin thinks that Harris is creepy, and tells Phoebe that she only liked the recruiter because he looks like Blade.

That night, Phoebe tells Quentin that if she can't get an internship she wants to go to the Odessa Unity Summit. Quentin thinks that it is a bad idea, which angers Phoebe and causes her to storm off.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 4

Quentin is worried because he hasn't heard from Phoebe in days, so he goes to her dorm room at South Western College to ask Aly where she is. Aly tells him that she hasn't seen Phoebe since she went for an interview with Renautas. Quentin then receives a voice message from Phoebe, who sounds scared and tells him that she wants to come home. Quentin and Aly look up the number Phoebe called from on Aly's laptop and discover that the call was made from a pay phone at a Tru Value Gas Station in Midland, Texas. Quentin declares that he's going there and Aly offers to go with him.

Quentin and Aly arrive at the gas station on June 13th, but its attendant has no answers for them. However, Quentin spots Phoebe being led away from the Odessa Unity Summit by M. F. Harris on a nearby television screen. Quentin and Aly get back in the car and head for the summit, but get stuck in traffic just as an unnatural darkness covers the sky. Quentin correctly assumes that the darkness is caused by Phoebe, so he gets out and heads for the summit on foot. Suddenly, a massive explosion devastates the summit, causing Quentin and Aly to scramble back into the car and drive away as quickly as possible.

Quentin and Aly rush into St. Jude's Hospital to see if Phoebe is one of the injured admitted. Phoebe is not there, but a televised news report informs them that she is one of the suspected bombers of the summit.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

In his apartment, Quentin obsessively scours footage of Phoebe's attempt videos and HeroTruther broadcasts to find something to help him prove Phoebe's innocence. Aly unpacks Phoebe's things in Quentin's apartment while he does so. After seeing his reclusive behavior, Aly suggests that it might be time for him to let Phoebe go. Quentin accuses Aly of thinking that Phoebe bombed the summit and shows her his board in an attempt to prove to her that Renautas is responsible. Aly insists that whoever did it is irrelevant because Phoebe is gone, but Quentin is unable to accept that. Quentin rudely tells Aly that letting go must be easy for her, so she storms out.

Later, Quentin sends Hero Truther a video begging him to help him prove Phoebe's innocence, which Hero Truther responds to by remotely opening a video call on Quentin's laptop. Hero Truther tells Quentin that war against Renautas would be a war that they would lose, but Quentin is determined. He guilt-trips Hero Truther into sending him equipment to get inside Renautas, such as a fake passport and driver's license. He prepares for a job interview at Renautas Headquarters.

After he gets the job, Quentin invites Aly back to his apartment to catch up. Aly is initially impressed that Quentin now has a job, but her hopes are shattered when she discovers Quentin's job is at Renautas and how much bigger his board has grown. She angrily tells Quentin that he's acting like a crazy person and tells him to never call her again before storming out. In another video call, Quentin shows Hero Truther a picture of Primatech files and tells him that Renautas is digitizing Primatech assets which Quentin sees as proof that Renautas is employing the same techniques as the Company and is the smoking gun they need. Hero Truther tells Quentin that he cannot access Renautas's secure servers so he will have to copy their files locally. Quentin agrees to break into Renautas and steal the files.

Quentin sneaks into the server room of Renautas Headquarters, logs into one of the computers, and starts copying files on Coyote Sands, Noah Bennet and the Walker System onto a flash drive. After the transfer is complete, he removes the flash drive and heads for the exit. When he finds that a security guard is blocking his escape, he pins the guard against a nearby wall and tells him to stay there and count to 100 or he will light him up with pyrokinesis. The guard agrees so Quentin grabs the guard's keycard and uses it to escape.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 6

Quentin travels to the Olympic Coin Land laundry mat three weeks before the present where Hero Truther told Quentin to meet him. Quentin is excited by the fact that he has the proof needed to exonerate Phoebe and prove Renautas is bagging and tagging evos like Primatech did. In the laundry mat's basement, Quentin finds Hero Truther's command center before Dahlia pulls his camera pen from his pocket before declaring him clean. Quentin is greeted by Hero Truther himself who returns Quentin's pen to him and tells him they can't be too careful. Hero Truther explains that Renautas has manipulated most mainstream media so Hero Truther and his group are the only independent voice left. Quentin questions how Hero Truther's website is not shut down by Renautas and Hero Truther explains that he has a skill that keeps them up and running. Quentin realizes that Hero Truther is in fact an evo and Hero Truther pulls back his hood and tells Quentin he's just another one of the hunted and reveals himself to be technopath Micah Sanders. Micah shows Quentin footage of Phoebe from two weeks before, proving that she is alive to Quentin's shock. Micah tells Quentin that a comrade of their escaped the facility where Phoebe was being held and what Quentin found is proof that Renautas is planning something big, possibly bigger than June 13th. Micah and his allies are assembling a strike team to rescue Phoebe and everyone else held captive by Renautas. Micah asks for Quentin's help, but they are interrupted when Micah's systems go down. The group realizes that Quentin inadvertently led Renautas right to them and Micah tells Quentin to find Noah Bennet as he flees. Quentin is caught outside the basement by M. F. Harris who thanks him for his help in tracking down Micah, but before he can shoot Quentin, Hipster Dude invisibly knocks Harris out with a fire extinguisher and orders Quentin to run. Quentin manages to escape and runs away.

In the present, Quentin continues recording, stating that he's been on the run ever since and Renautas now has both his sister and Hero Truther. As a result, Quentin sees it as up to himself to stop Renautas and is trying to find the one man who can stop them and knows how they operates: Noah Bennet who went off the grid under the name Ted Barnes but has been followed by Renautas. Noah left Primatech after June 13th and Quentin wonders if Noah knows that Renautas revived the Company and are using Noah's methods to find and hunt innocent people. Quentin states that Noah is "the man with the plan" and he needs Noah's help.

Brave New World

While selling a car to a Zundermann Motors patron, Noah spots Quentin spying on him in a car. Quentin follows Noah to his home. Noah steps out of his home and Quentin follows him down the street. Noah tricks him into slipping up and pins him up against a pole. Noah asks what Quentin wants and Quentin says that he wants answers on what happened on June 13th. Quentin claims that he works for Renautas and knows that they are covering up something. He tells Noah that he is following him because of Noah's involvement with Primatech. Quentin claims that Renuatas is planning something big and he is seeking Noah in order to call out the evos because they are the only ones capable of stopping them. Police show up and arrest Quentin because of Noah's call to them.


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Under the Mask

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The Needs of the Many

Quentin and Noah wait inside Renautas's gates and attempt to conceive of a plan to enter the restricted areas of the building to obtain information. While they wait outside, he states how he believes they have weaponized Phoebe's ability and bears witness to the aurora Malina created, alongside Noah.

Quentin and Noah manage to apprehended Taylor after Quentin distracts her with sushi. After Noah holds her at gunpoint, he voices his concern for his sister and his intention to discover what happened to her on June 13, but is berated by Taylor for that. After Noah convinces Taylor to help them break into the facility, Quentin follows them into Renautas's restricted area. After the party encounters and kills three Harris clones, they enter a room containing some of the evos captured by Renautas — all of whom are comatose, wired into machinery, and strapped into chairs. He runs through the room, attempting to find his sister who is not present there.

Quentin witnesses Molly Walker's suicide using the Company's gun, and flees the room with Noah and Taylor.

The Lion's Den

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Game Over

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June 13th, Part One

On June 13, 2014, Erica tells Phoebe that if she cannot cover the Odessa Unity Summit with darkness, Quentin will die along with everyone else.

June 13th, Part Two

On June 13, 2014, Quentin rushes into St. Jude's Hospital and asks the desk worker if his sister Phoebe has been admitted. The desk worker tells him to check the ER, so he thanks her and leaves. In the ER, Quentin sees Erica and Harris, and runs into a stairwell and panics. When Quentin hears a thud against the door, he opens it and sees that an injured Erica has fallen against it. Seizing the opportunity to get answers from her, Quentin drags her inside and asks her about Phoebe. Erica recognizes Quentin and tells him that if he does not help her, he will never see his sister again.

Later, Quentin enters Erica's hospital room and tells her that he knows that she framed Mohinder with a shapeshifter and that she used Phoebe's ability to dampen the abilities of everyone else at the summit. Erica neither confirms or denies that he is correct, but agrees to let Quentin see Phoebe for helping her. Quentin is taken to Phoebe, who tells him that he has Renautas all wrong and that Erica is going to save the world. Phoebe sits Quentin down and begins to further convince him of Renautas's goals.

When Noah Bennet arrives back in the present, he sees that Quentin is now alive due to the change in the timeline caused by shooting Erica. Quentin scolds Noah for disappearing without him. Quentin realizes that Noah's travel through time was a success, and excitedly asks him what he discovered. Noah tells Quentin that Claire died giving birth to twins. When Noah walks away to find his gun, Quentin calls Erica and tells her about Claire's children.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

As they drive to Carbondale, IL, Quentin looks at Noah who is still unaware that Quentin is using him to help Renautas find Tommy Clark.

At St. Peter's Hospital, Quentin finds Tommy trying to get a candy bar and tells Tommy he's hard to find and comments on the irony of Tommy being able to save the world yet unable to get a candy bar. Quentin helps a thankful Tommy get the bar before Tommy ducks into the bathroom to take a phone call. Quentin draws his gun and enters the bathroom to capture Tommy, but finds him gone to his frustration.

Later, after Tommy returns from Moe's Ice Cream Parlor, Quentin holds a gun on him as Noah confronts Phoebe who is blocking Tommy's powers. Noah demands to know what Quentin is doing and Quentin tells him he's doing what he's always been doing: helping Renautas to save the world. Noah realizes that Quentin is the butterfly, the thing that his trip to the past altered. Quentin doesn't understand what Noah means and threatens Tommy's life to get Noah to let them go. After Noah lowers his gun and Phoebe takes it, Quentin and Phoebe depart with Tommy.

Quentin and Phoebe take Tommy to the Kravids' home where Quentin stands on a balcony with Phoebe and observes Erica and Tommy sit down to dinner.

11:53 to Odessa

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Send in the Clones

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Company Woman

As they make their way to Gateway and then Union Wells High School, Luke takes Phoebe and Quentin into the woods, presumably to kill them. Phoebe manages to escape, knocking Luke's gun from his grasp. Quentin retrieves it and holds Luke at gunpoint, but ultimately returns his gun to him, siding with Luke and Malina. When Luke tells Quentin that if he helps them, he's with them until the end, Quentin tells Luke that Phoebe is not his sister anymore. Quentin then returns to Luke's car with him, now on his side in helping Malina.

At Union Wells, Luke, Quentin and Malina make their way to the gym where Malina causes a spectacle with her powers to draw attention. When Joanne Collins tries to shoot Malina, Quentin pulls her to the ground and shields her. Later, after Malina is apparently shot, Quentin checks on her to find she was shielded by an invisible Farah Nazan. He then leaves with Luke and Malina to find Tommy Clark as Carlos takes Farah to the hospital.

Project Reborn

Quentin, Luke and Malina reach Gateway to find it abandoned. Luke realizes that everyone has been transported to the future and they notice the first solar flare fast approaching the Earth. As Luke herds them to safety in a building, Malina tells him she needs to stop the flare or there won't be much of a world left to save when the prophecy comes true at 11:53am. However, Luke tells her that stopping this flare is not her destiny, but his and orders Quentin to keep her inside. As Quentin holds Malina back, Luke absorbs the power of the flare and flies into it before detonating himself, harmlessly dispersing the flare.

After Luke's death, Quentin and Malina continue to make their way through Gateway only to notice fiery streaks across the sky. Quentin explains that they are destroyed satellites falling to Earth and he and Malina take cover in the clock tower, intending to stay there until the threat is over. Inside the tower, Malina is grabbed by shadowy tendrils and Quentin realizes that Phoebe is the cause. Quentin tries to stop Phoebe from pulling Malina into the air, but fails, only managing to snag Malina's bag. Quentin grabs his gun from the bag and makes his way to the top of the tower, where he faces off with Phoebe. Quentin tries to convince Phoebe that Erica is just using them and won't be coming back, but Phoebe is now fanatically loyal to Erica and tries to crush Malina to death with her powers. Realizing that Phoebe has turned into a monster and seeing no other choice, Quentin shoots Phoebe three times, sending her out of a broken window to her death. After seeing that Malina has managed to pull herself to safety after Quentin shot Phoebe, Quentin looks through the broken window down at his sister's body on the ground below.

At 11:52am, Quentin crouches over Phoebe's body as Malina looks at him sympathetically. Seeing the second solar flare approaching, Malina tells him that it's time and starts trying to stop the flare. As fireballs streak towards them, Quentin takes cover in the clock tower.

Three months later, Quentin is held in a facility by government agents who question him on the identity of the evos who saved the world. Quentin refuses to tell them, saying that the evos are ordinary people who were made extraordinary by the circumstances they faced. Quentin tells the agents that the evos just want to be left alone to live normal lives until they are needed again and that this is an "awakening."

Heroes Evolutions

The Odessa Report

Quentin's voice is heard in the report stating how awesome his sister's ability is.

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