René (exposed future)

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The Haitian (exposed future).jpg
Portrayed by Jimmy Jean-Louis
First appearance I Am Become Death
In-story stats
Known ability Mental manipulation
Formal name René
Nicknames The Haitian, Boy (by Guillame)
Home formerly a village in Haiti
Occupations Agent of Pinehearst Company,
former Agent of the Company
Parent Guillame (deceased)
Sibling Baron Samedi (half-brother)

In an possible future, René works as an agent of Pinehearst Company. He is an evolved human with the ability to manipulate people's minds.

Character History

I Am Become Death

Four years in the future, René tries to stop Peter from running, but he doesn't succeed. He also blocks Future Peter's powers, allowing Future Claire to kill him. Later, Peter is captured and René stands by Claire's side to prevent Peter from traveling back to his own time.

Evolved Human Abilities

Like his present day counterpart, René has the ability to prevent evolved humans from accessing their abilities, erase memories, and render others unconscious.

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