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Which Ando's life was he trying to save

Future Ando is indeed dead, but Future Hiro is trying to change the past, so being dead doesn't preclude him from being saved. Future Hiro is so determined to change the past (ie - save Future Ando) because of what happened to Future Ando, not to present day Ando. It doesn't make much sense to say he's trying to save Ando, imo, because nothing has happened to happened to Future Ando. I'll save reverting it until hearing the response, but it seems to make more sense to say that Future Hiro is trying to save Future Ando. --Stevehim 02:41, 15 November 2008 (EST)

  • Future Ando is already dead, so he can't be saved. He's trying to save Present Ando so that Future Ando can exist. Luckily, as you know, Future Ando and Present Ando are the same person, and both can be called "Ando". Since it's kind of ambiguous (time travel and alternate futures always are, especially when we're talking about a "future" character who will die in just a few days (the explosion is November 8)), it's probably best to use the general term that refers to both, and just say he's trying to save Ando. -- RyanGibsonStewart (talk) 08:21, 15 November 2008 (EST)
    • Leaving it as is works for me, but I still don't agree with the idea that a character being dead means they can't be saved (or can't be attempoted to be saved). Charlie was already dead but Hiro tried to save her. Future Hiro began tyring to change the events of the past before he ever met present day Ando, so it seems to me that he was trying to save the Ando he knew...Future Ando. Had Future Hiro succeeded in what he was trying to do, I feel that Future Ando would be with him in his timeline (as the bomb wouldn't have gone off and killed him), whereas present day Ando would be in his own, with Hiro. Plus, this is Heroes, so people coming back from the dead isn't unheard of.  ;) That said, I have no objection as to leaving it ambiguous and as a general term, so long as I can state my opinion on the talk page.  :) --Stevehim 13:37, 15 November 2008 (EST)
      • It's semantics, really. Hiro wanted Present Charlie to be alive, so he went back to save Past Charlie...but he was ultimately just saving Charlie. (Hey that should be the name of a book!) Future Hiro knew Past Ando only--Future Ando never existed beyond November 8, which is just one month past when Future Hiro visited Peter, and just a few hours after Ando showed Hiro the 9th Wonders! comic book. Ultimately, Hiro is working to save Ando, be it Future or Present. :) -- RyanGibsonStewart (talk) 15:27, 15 November 2008 (EST)