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Produces a formatted sidebar for cast members. Will automatically add {{nocastimage}} and default image if image= is left blank.

Blank Infobox for easy copying and pasting:

{{Infobox cast
| Name=
| sort=
| AKA=
| Image=
| ImageCaption=
| DOB=
| DOD=
| birthplace=
| gender=
| character=
| website=
| imdb_id=
| spoiler = 

Parameter Explanation
Name The actor or actress's full name
sort Last name, First name (for category sorting)
AKA Also known as; use for formal names or other stagenames/credited names
Image An image relevant to the actor or actress; will be automatically resized
ImageCaption A caption explaining the image
DOB Date of birth
DOD Date of death
birthplace Place of birth; for US cities, should be in City, State Abbreviation, USA format. (See here for list of US state abbreviations.) For international cities, the format should be City, Country.
gender Actor's gender; "Male" or "Female" will produce a symbol
character The Heroes character portrayed by the actor or actress
website Official website; use http://
imdb_id The actor or actresses ID on IMDb--the seven digit number that appears after "name/nm" in the URL; for example, 0015382
spoiler true adds the {{unairedspoiler}} template and changes the colors to spoiler colors