The Guardians

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The Guardians
The Guardians.jpg
"Guard the Peace, Guard the Future"
Location: Mojave Desert
Purpose: To protect others
First appearance Slow Burn
Known leader: Shard
Known members: Glade,
Affiliated sites: Abandoned army bunker in Mojave Desert
Equipment used: Their abilities

The Guardians are the last line of defense for any who would wish harm upon those with abilities. Parallel in motive to Rebel, The Guardians fight for the safety of not only those with abilities but all that they cherish in the world. Their motives are pure of heart and what matters most to them is to secure a peaceful future. Any with a heroic heart is welcome, and as their motto defines: "Guard the Peace, Guard the Future."


Heroes Evolutions

Slow Burn

In chapter 4 of Slow Burn, Gail Bowman and Edgar are sent to recruit The Guardians into the Sullivan Bros. Carnival. They knock on the group's bunker, and three men come out. A fight is about to break out between the two groups when Gail recognizes John, who is now a member of The Guardians. After they go into the bunker, Gail offers them the chance to join the carnival, but their leader, Shard, refuses, saying they are not concerned with their own safety, but the safety of others.


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