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The following fan theories are about Caspar Abraham.

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Theory Citations Notes
Caspar Abraham worked for Primatech prior to the June 13th massacre. None + When Noah Bennet is searching the ruins of Primatech, he comes across a bookshelf concealing a hidden passage. In order to access the passage, he pulls out five books: Haitian Voodoo, Finding Yourself, The Invisible Man, Pennies From Heaven, and a fifth book whose title cannot be made out. Haitian Voodoo and The Invisible Man are clear references to Rene and Claude Rains, previous employees of the Company. Finding Yourself may be a reference to Molly Walker, who was once used by the Company to locate Evos. Pennies From Heaven seems to be a clear reference to Caspar, who stores people's memories in pennies.

+ Trevor Mason, a longtime friend of the Company, was aware of Caspar's existence when the Company was still up and running.

Caspar Abraham is Tommy Clark's father None + Tommy does not know who his father is.

+ Anne Clark knows Caspar.
+ It is implied that Caspar has been watching over Tommy for a long time.
+ Evolved powers are often passed from generation to generation.
Anne refers to "the rest of them", implying that Caspar may simply be a member of a group (possibly Primatech) that is interested in Tommy or evolved humans in general.
- When Tommy asks Anne if Caspar is his father, she replies with a definite "no".
- It was revealed that Claire is Tommy and Malina's Mother, so it seems unlikely that Caspar is Tommy's Dad.
- Hiro Nakamura is Tommy's adoptive Dad.

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