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Theory:Healing touch

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The following fan theories are about Healing touch.

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Theory Citations Notes
It's not possible to heal Tracy or someone else with freezing or water mimicry. None + It's only possible to heal things if they are alive or once were alive, there is no life in water.
- It may not be possible to heal Tracy when she is in water form, but when she is in human form (and alive), she can be healed.
Donald Essex was hurt with a chemical and dissolved.
The authors mentioned that the substance that water mimics become isn't actually water (that is, H2O). Thus, it might be some sort of bizarre organic life (like a giant amoeba).
Healing touch works by manipulating the life force of living things by either making it repair their physical damage or draining it away. None + Noah said a woman in China could control the flow of life. This fits the description.

+ Peter could've felt tired not because he was giving his own life force (which, theoretically, could kill him as Jeremy's victims died having lost their life force), but because he manipulated the life force there already was.

Healing touch works by manipulating bioreactions. None + Healing could work by accelerating cellular replication in damaged areas of the subject's body (while somehow providing the necessary nutrients, minerals, etc., which are needed to allow such rapid regeneration).
- Accelerating cellular replication would cause premature aging in the subject.
+ The ability could manipulate the cells of the subject to produce perfect replication.

+ This would explain why the ability cannot resurrect the dead.

Healing touch energizes the user when it's used to kill someone or something. None + Users of this ability become exhausted after using this ability, implying that it transfers some of their life force into whoever they're healing. Theoretically, since they lose energy by giving life, they could gain energy by taking it.

+ Jeremy never looked exhausted after he used his ability to kill people (though he also never looked like he had any more energy after using it to kill than before he used it), but Peter did after using it to heal people.
- That could just be because of how often Peter used it, since Jeremy was never seen using it to heal or kill more than one person at a time while Peter used it to heal several people one after another.
- The user's exhaustion after using this ability could just mean that this ability requires a lot of energy to use, it doesn't necessarily mean they're transferring their life force into someone else. It could also mean that it's easier to kill people than it is to heal them.
- Peter used this ability several times without any negative effects other than exhaustion. If this ability really did work by transferring the user's life force into someone else, Peter most likely would have died from transferring so much of his life force into other people, assuming that the user's life force doesn't replenish itself over time or this ability doesn't give it's user enough life force to transfer to other people without using up all of their own life force.

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