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The following fan theories are about Kensei sword.

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Theory Citations Notes
Linderman got the sword from Adam. None + Linderman got the sword in 1977. That was about the same time that Adam supposedly convinced them to form the Company and was then locked up. Linderman might have confiscated it after Adams capture, particularly if he was one of Adams main followers.
Hiro's sword is actually a reference to Hiro Protagonist, a character in Neal Stephenson's book Snowcrash who also dressed in black. None - This might be a coincidence.
- It's not like black isn't a common dress color.

- Hiro is Japanese, and the katana and the samurai are both big symbols in Japanese culture, so the sword may be just an item for the character and not a reference.

Hiro's sword is like Excalibur. None In this case Adam represents King Arthur, Hiro would be Lancelot, and Yaeko would be Guinevere.
Adam kept the Kensei sword with him (and in impeccable condition) over the centuries as a reminder of his hatred for Hiro. None - He did not carry it on his person in 1777.
He likely kept it in some sort of storage or hiding place.

- Hiro gave the sword to Yaeko, it's unknown if Adam managed to re-obtain it.

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