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The following fan theories are about the Lonestar File.

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Theory Citations Notes
The file name of the Lonestar File, SEA:V5J1K2/P/L, contains coded information None

The events described in the file take place in Vietnam. "SEA:V" could refer to "South East Asia:Vietnam". The remaining characters could describe the soldiers, the mission, or the location.
+ In particular, some have hypothesized the "/P/L" refers to Petrelli and Linderman, though there is currently no evidence to support such a hypothesis.
If the letters do refer to the soldiers, "V", "J", and "K" could represent Amarillo, Loredo, and San Antonio, and the numbers some sort of status code. If "P" and "L" represent Dallas and Austin, the separation and lack of a code number could refer to the fact that they survived the mission.

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