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The following fan theories are about Whitebeard.

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Theory Citations Notes
Whitebeard is (or knows) an evolved human with pyrokinesis. The village of Otsu burns after Whitebeard attacks. (Four Months Later); Whitebeard kept the swordsmith in a tent that smoldered. (The Line) + The narrator says Whitebeard bargained with oni (devils) to keep the fire scroll safe within a circle of flame. (Sword Saint)

+ The narrator says Whitebeard tortured spies and traitors by burning them alive. (Sword Saint)
+ Donna Dorn, a professor of Japanese Studies at University of Chicago, says that Whitebeard burned not only the would-be thief of the fire scroll, but also the thief's village and all its inhabitants. (Sword Saint)
Donna Dorn says the mere mention of Whitebeard's name could get a village to desert. This could be why there are no witnesses to the power. (Sword Saint)
- If he had this power, then he should not need to create guns. (Episode:The Line)

+ Assuming Whitebeard had pyrokinesis or knew a pyrokinetic person, he would have had no way to equip his entire army with that ability.

He could still need guns to arm his soldiers. Maybe he had spontaneous combustion.

Whitebeard is a fraud. None + He has a black beard, not a white one.

- He has a hint of white in his beard, this may be what he's named for.
- He is shown wearing armor decorated with a white beard.

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