Tina Ramierez

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Tina Ramierez
First appearance Viewpoints
In-story stats
Known ability Chlorine gas exudation

Tina is a Level 5 escapee who can exhale chlorine gas.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Viewpoints

While in Rachel's apartment along with fellow escapees Dennis and Michael, Tina exhales a draft of chlorine and knocks out Rachel. She then recognizes Sylar and notes that they would still be incarcerated if it weren't for him. She introduces Sylar to Dennis and Michael, only to be taken aback when Sylar uses an ability, rendering Dennis a charred skeleton. Sylar telekinetically subdues Michael. Tina tells him to stop and that he's killing him, only to be choked herself. She slowly loses consciousness as Rachel begs for their lives.

Later, a number of other Company agents arrive to recapture her and Michael.

Evolved Human Abilities

Tina has the ability to exude a dark green colored chlorine gas, which is powerful enough to knock people out, as it did to Rachel St. John.


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